The logo of Näkövammaiset Käsityöntekijät.
The logo of Näkövammaiset Käsityöntekijät.

The Or­ga­ni­za­tion Of Visually Impaired Craftmen

The Organization of Visually Impaired Craftmen enhances the tradition of making by hands and handycraft among visually impaired people. The goal of organization is create opportunities to learn to use hands and that way improve abilities to function independently. The activities also improves mental health. Our organization takes care of the rights of everyone, who is interested in handycraft.
Korituoli pensaan vieressä ja tuolilla on punavalkoraidallinen kangas

Valkoisesta nyöristä tehdään solmeilutyötä

We arrange different kinds of handycraft courses to visually impaired people in Finland in so-operation with our district organizations of Federation Of Visually Impaired. We also educate other visually impaired people to teach handycraft to visually impaired people.

In future we shall add more information in English.